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A treat for Canadian Collectors

Here are a pair of desirable Canadian made planes from A. Monty of Roxton Pond PQ. A great addition to a collection or a great pair of users. Both in very good condition with good wedges and blades.
Buy 1 or both.
1 plane $35.00
pair of planes $50.00

Coffin Plane by Malloch

This little beauty has had a hard life and it's maker is obscured. I believe it is by Malloch of Perth at least the iron was. Still a nice user.

Stanley No 26 Transitional

Nice old Stanley No 26 transitional wood sole plane in good condition. Has a newer blade in it. Possible user or shop art.

H. Wells Plow Plane Rare Maker

Here is a plow plane by H. Wells of Williamsburg Mass. circa 1866. In good condition for it's age. Only problem is some damage to top of wedge.

Henry S. Wells, who worked in Northampton, Massachusetts as well as in Williamsburg (the towns are only eight miles apart) had a more conventional tool background. He was an apprentice to the well-known plane maker Hermon Chapin before starting his own company. Thus, we can assume that the men in the factory were trained by Henry Wells, and it may even be safe to assume that Wells ran the plane making side of the operation for at least a number of years while Henry James was the businessman. This is somewhat borne out by the existence of planes with both a Henry Wells stamp and a James Manufacturing Company stamp. However, the dates during which Wells worked in Williamsburg are not really well known at this point. We also do not know exactly when the "H. L. James" stamps were in use, as compared to the James Manufacturing Co. stamp.




Seigley 8" transitional smoother

This vintage Seigley smoother has it all. A great wooden body, long sharp blade and everything in exceptional condition. Ready to use or show.


Wooden Hand Scraper Sweden

Another Swedish made tool. When I first saw it I assumed user made but when I turned it over it has a decal on it from FWB . In good condition.



1" Cove plane by Barton Rochester.

D R Barton of Rochester NY best known for his cooper tools also produced many fine tools for the woodworking trades. This fine example of a 1" cove plane is superb. A welcome addition to any traditional enthusiasts collection. No apologies at all for the wood or the fine blade.

Unknown 5/8" Round

Clean unmarked 5/8"round plane No19



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