Antique Tools - Grandpa's Treasure Chest


Stanley No5 planes

I have a good supply of No5 planes. Email me your wants.

Stanley No6C Type 15

A rare find here this Stanley/Bailey No6C is in very fine shape. The jappaning is at about 90% all metal surfaces are good. The knob is very clean with no issues, The tote has the horn removed but no breaks or cracks. The blade long and sharp. Ready to do your bidding on the bench or just look pretty on the shelf.

Stanley No48 flip fence

This fellow needs a bit of help  he is missing cutters and the hold down screws. Otherwise in good+ condition.


Stanley No191 Rebate

Need a Rebate (Rabbet) plane this  Stanley No191 at 1 1/4" wide may be the one. In very good condition with a 1910 patent date.


Set of 3 Stanley 190,191,192 rabbet planes

Offered as a set or individually  have Stanley No190,191,192 rabbet planes. All in very good+ condition and bench ready. All parts are there with no damage ready to work.
$55.00 per each or $145.00 for the set. Ask for more pictures if needed.

Stanley No8 Type 9

An oldie but  goody this No8 will do the job. Good metal, clean with  a good blade and wood

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