Antique Tools - Grandpa's Treasure Chest


A nice example of a classic campers axe. Ths 14in Estwing is in good+ vintage condition. Sharp, clean blade ready to use.


A nice clean brass back saw from a fine English maker. Joseph & John Taylor opened the saw making business in London England in 1835. and the firm stayed in the family until it was liquidated in 1929. They won numerous awards for the saws they produced at exhibitions. The blade is 99% pit free the spline is straight and strong. The onley problem it appears that a previous owner decided the handle was to heavy and drilled 2 holes. It cuts but truly could use a bit of sharpening.

Taylor of London Brass Back saw

Stanley (England) No4 1/2 smoother

I have a Stanley No4 1/2 smooth plane in exceptional condition. The tote and knob have no crack, chips or flakes. The casting is straight and flat and the blade long and sharp. You won't be disappointed with this on your bench..Planes in this condition on Ebay may cost double.


A very clean Stanley No20 square from the sweetheart era. The blade is 9 1/2 inches in length' Just a couple of blemishes as shown. The wood is in very good condition, blade is readable and brass clean. Square and ready to use.


Yankee No41 push drill


This is the push drill that Bell systems supplied to the installers. In great condition but alas no bits remain. However I understand Garret-Wade now carries replacements.


Stanley No88 inlaid rule

A very rare 1 foot 4 fold inlaid and German Silver bound rule' The rule is in excellent condition with no staining on the inlay and the German Silver is as new.  A great addition to any collection.

Stanley No984 brace

A rare and very useful brace. This Stanley brace is designed to work in very tight spaces. In Good ++ condition and ready to show or use.

Double arm mortise guage Silex 90

Silex Tool Co .No90 is the  makers name on this well made tool. In very condition and the pins are razor sharp. An asset to any shop for reliable tenons.


Unmarked adjustable Hollow Auger

No makers mark on this. Probably the best designed Hollow auger I have run into. Clean and works freely great for use or collection.