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Stanley No116 SW Mitre Box

Here we have a Stanley No116 bench top mitre box. This is complete with the attachments to mount to the bench front.

Stanley 150 Mitre box

Everybodies favorite mitre box. The Stanley 150 is the one to own. This one is in good++ condition and ready to use.           
$110.00  SOLD Thanks

Stanley No60 Mitre Box

In excellent condition and ready to use.

Millers Falls No 200 mitre box

Here is a nice compact mitre box from Millers Falls Comes with a 12" steelback saw in decent condition. The mitre box is in excellent condition and ready to use. A great investment and remember if it's dis-assembled shipping is relatively cheap.




Spiralux 2100 saw grinding jig

Something a bit different here. A model 2100 saw grinder from the Spiralux Co. of  Sheffield England. The tool is used to sharpen circular saw blades. It is brand new appears to be unused and is complete with original box and directions.


Stanley 15-640 Set

This is an early Japanese made Stanley No 15-640 saw set. This has the heavy duty plunger and the plastic magnifying glass.  A great set for any level of sharpening and in very good condition. A great user for the beginner or anyone with poor eyesight.




Stanley 42X Saw Set

The Stanley 42X saw set is not at the top of the collectors list but ask a user what his preference and a huge majority will say the Stanley 42X. It is designed to set most hand saws be it rip or cross cut. This one is in 8+ condition but works as new. No mechanical problems just cosmetics.


Stanley No42 Saw Set

The number 42 saw set was also known as the Christian Bodmer patent. There is paint loss but it seems to work as it should.

Stanley No42W Saw Set

Not much paint left but this is one of Stanley's gems. This 42W is complete and appears to work properly.

Unmarked Saw Set Stanley 43?

I can't find a makers name on this but was told it may be a Stanley 43. In good working condition with paint loss.


Henry Disston & Sons "Triumph" saw set

Complete and servicable. The Triumph Saw Set from Henry Disston & Sons. The Patent date appears to be Oct. 1899. A great find for the collection or the saw bench.

Disstons best saw set.


Taintors No7 Sawset

The markings on this saw set are "The original positive No7 Taintor type. In Good++ condition.


Taintors Saw Set?

I believe this is a Taintors saw set. In good++ condition.


Taylor & Forbes Saw Set

A great old heavy duty saw set from Taylor & Forbes Foundry Works in Guelph Ontario. Complete and clean.


Vintage Saw Set by Morrill

Clean and complete and ready for the user or collector.


E C Atkins Saw Set

Uncommon find here this E C Atkins is waiting to be adopted into someones collection. In good++ condition.


Stanley Saw Set

A vintage saw set from Stanley. No number just marked Stanley and made in USA it appears to work well.


SDA No7 Sawset

An unusual sawset from Shurly-Dietrich-Atkins of Galt Ontario. In Very good condition.


Hoppe Sawset

Quality saw set by Hoppe, ready to use. In good+ condition.


Shurly-Dittrich-Atkins saw jointer

A handy little saw jointer designed for smaller saws. This tool from Shurly-Dittrich-Atkins of Galt Ontario fills the bill. In very good condition.

T F Shurly (Hamilton) saw jointer

A hard to find saw jointer from T F Shurly who was located in Hamilton Ontario circa 1914. In good user condition.

Pair of Saw Setting Swages

Here is an item you don't find too often. A pair of signed Saw Setting Swages. One small & one large.


Small Saw Vise Unknown

I can't find a maker on this only the markings 7 on side 1 and 8 on side 2. In good + condition. It is 5" in jaw length and bolts to the bench.

Bench Mount Vise

A handy size for a small shop or to sharpen smaller saws.

Mid sizes vise (repaired)

This has been repaire many years ago. It doesn't interfere and is solid.

Large vise Possibly Taylor- Forbes Guelph

In good condition with japanning missing..


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