Antique Tools - Grandpa's Treasure Chest


Winchester Arms First Family Poster

A great piece of vintage (1984) advertising from the Winchester Arms Co. This advertising poster is in very good condition with no folds, creases or tears. Ready for framing and hang it on the wall. It measures 24" x 14" with great color. The poster shows 8 Winchester shot guns with a description Classic simplicity,Timeless design,No doubt a Winchester. Models shown top to bottom are:
Model 101 field, Model 101 trap, Presentation grade trap, Winchester Quail special, Diamond grade trap, Pigeon grade featherweight, Grand European skeet, Model 23

NRA 1988 Member's Belt Buckle

Great Belt Buckle from the 1980 Gun Rights campaign. Front side reads Vote Gun Rights 1980 NRA Project Two Million NRA Member. On the revers it reads This buckle is presented in appreciation for enlisting new NRA members project 2,000,000 (Harlin Carter)? and a serial number 02313. A must have for any gun enthusiast.

Rod wrapping set

This machine has built some very nice rods. I have used it to re-wrap some vintage flyrods and was very happy with the results. It is complete with the motor, chuck and 3 outboard bearings and is ready to go.


Bullet Jig Mold (fishing)

I have a Bullet Jig mold for casting you own sinkers. It is clean and ready to go.



Do-It sinker mold

Here is an almost new Do-it sinker mold.



Palmer sinker mold

Offered here is a Palmer sinker mold.



Electric Lead Pot with Ladle

Now that you have the molds its time to look at a melting pot. This smaller sized pot is in great working condition. I am 67 years old and after 1 morning's work I'll never have to buy another sinker. That is if I depart before I make 70Yrs. This also includes a great ladle designed for this pot.



3 Vintage lures

Here is a lot of 3 vintage lures for the tackle box.

1 Cordell Big "O"

2 Thin Fin

3 Unmarked Rebel?


Vintage Lures

A selection of vintage lures

3 fanged lureUnmarked green lure  $17.00



   Pfleuger Heavy Duty Mustang Minnow c1939 $25.00


Unmarked Red & White lure $12.00

Mirrolure  $8.00




Amazing Maisie with box

Amazing Maisie Lure in box


Vintage Pfleuger Triumph Reel

A nice collectible Pfleuger Triumph reel in very good condition. Ready to display.


Pizon Michel "Luxor"

This is the Grand Daddy of spining reels. The first and one of the finest ever made. This is a highly collectible reel which has been copied by every major manufacturer in the world. This is in great used condition with good paint and runs smoothly.


Pfleuger Akron w/box

Here is a nice Pleuger Akron casting reel with the original box. Both reel and box are in good to excellent condition.







Vintage Heddon 290 spinning reel

A rare find this Heddon 290 reel is in good++ condition and ready to use or show.


Shakespeare Criterion

One of Shakespears' best reels An all time favorite this Criterion is in good+ condition. Ready to use.


South Bend Auto Reel

A nice collectible South Bend Auto Reel in Good++ condition. Ready to display.


Free at Last

Last evening May 10th a bunch of St. Catharines Game & Fish Association volunteers gathered in the cold rainy weather to release the 20,000 Chinook Salmon that had been pen imprinted in Port Dalhousie Harbor. Every year the program gets better. The average weight at release this year was 9.7grams over last years 6.15grams. There will be some big fish in 2-3 years time.


                         Netting the Fry                                                                   In the net at 9.7g



                All done for this year---Fishing Time




Thursday night fly tying

We have a small informal group that get together on Thursdays to swap stories and tie some flies. We run from a 9yr. old novice to an 83 year old expert. Here are a couple of pictures from tonights session.