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Latest on the Asian Carp problem

If you have been following this threat to our native fishery this is getting scary. If true and they are reproducing in the Great Lakes they could easily spread to almost every lake,river or stream in North America and decimate our native fishery.

Asian Carp

I don't like to get political on the site but I am going to urge every one of you to phone, write or EMail every State, Provincial or Federal politician regarding the invasion of the Asian Carp. If you aren't familiar check the link at the bottom. There are 3 distinct varieties of Asian Carp, they are voracious eaters and grow incredibly fast. From birth to 2 years they can attain weight of 120 lbs. They squeeze the food supply for other fish specie. In just over 10 years they have overtaken the Mississippi and Tennesee River systems and are into the Chicago River. I understand that in some areas there are upwards of 100,000 per acre and no other fish survives there. They are also jumpers and have caused many injuries but no known deaths to people in boats.  They are being slowed by an electric dam near Chicago there was a proposal to build a concrete dam but it is held up by big money. If these fish enter the Great Lakes region they could affect  virtually all waters East of the Rockies and destroy commercial and recreational fishing.

Please help  by sending a copy of this email to every politician possible.

I wish to bring to your attention the future problem we may be facing in our Great Lakes & their tributaries.
There is a fish called the Asian carp which usually grows to a weight of 90 to 120 lbs. These fish were imported to the U.S. where they are farmed. A flood in the area of the Mississippi & its tributaries allowed them to escape their ponds & spread rapidly through the U.S. waterways which causes the decimation of other species due to the fact that Asian carp eat the food usually consumed by our native species. They have moved up to the edge of Lake Michigan where a single steel gate is the last barrier holding them out of the Great Lakes.
Live fish are imported to Toronto & Hamilton from the U.S. in tanker trucks. The carp are hidden alive under other species. It is illegal to import live carp into Canada. Tanks of live carp have been found by the Ministry of Natural Resources mainly in Toronto. They do their best but have limited resources.
Our fishery in Ontario generates 8 billion dollars at least per year as well as thousands of jobs. We have been told that if these carp enter the Great Lakes, our fishery would cease to exist within five to ten years.
Your immediate attention & co-operation will be greatly appreciated as the matter is urgent.

This applies to anyone in Canada or the USA our sports survival depends on this.


Update on Asian Carp problem

Here is a link to a program on the CBC television network updating the problem. It is a 45 minute video well worth watching. If they aren't stopped we will lose the sport we love.

Show us your Fishing or hunting pictures

If you can send me a picture of fishing or hunting I will post it on the photos page. Please give me some info. Where,What, When,How.

Local kids tackle share program

The St. Catharines Game & Fish Association has launched a FREE Tackle Share program aimed at families with children 15 years & under and special needs individuals. The program is a partnership with the St. Catharines Library Board. At present the equipment is only available at the Grantham Branch located within the new Kiwanis Aquaticss Centre. This is a short term loan of equipment and the kit contains everything needed to fish, (rod,reel,tackle,map etc.) all you need is the bait. St. Catharines & the Niagara make up one of the worlds best fishing locations with over 50 varieties of fish available.

Ps Any person or group interested in putting together a similar program send me an email.


Vintage Fly Mottif Thermos

A nice vintage Thermos bottle with a fly fishing mottif design. In good+ condition.



   This evening November 26th we had a fellow demonstrate a new product for trailer towing safety. The product is so new he didn't have any promotional material with him, when he does I will post it here. This product eliminates the possibility of the trailer coupling coming off the hitch ball and adds another place to lock the hitch and prevent theft. It has been tested and approved and is patented. For more info you can contact Mike Bertin President of Sure-Tow at  I think this is a must have for any type of trailer.

   Today Dec. 4th I just received these pictures of the Shur-Tow package. Mike has allowed me to sell these through my website I have access to a few from the pre production run, these are first class units but aren't packaged and hence they are not taxed. Price on these units will be $40.00 no tax. When the packaged product is available they will be $49.95 + tax where applicable.

Shur-tow home




Split Bamboo spincast rod signed

This is a great rod for the collector, den, cottage or user. It is 6'6" in length handles like a dream and looks great. Signed Homemade by K.W. Wells.



4 Brothers Sumco reel

A vintage brass 4 Brothers Sumco reel. This reel is in good working condition, the brass is tarnished and I have not attempted to clean it. 


Meisellbach trolling reel

A long time favorite for serious Lake Trout seekers. A great old Meisselbach nickle plated trolling reel. The reel is in very good condition and still has the steel line on it. A great reel for any collection of vintage equipment.



Swim Whizz Muskie Lure 8" jointed

This is a Swim Whizz Muskie bait signed  Homer Leblanc tackle mfg. 1979 in as new unused condition. A great piece for display or to nab that dockside tiger in your lake. overall length 8in

From a vintage magazine ad.
   Homer LeBlanc designed the Swim Whizz lure in 1956. For some anglers it is the go to bait for freshwater game fish such as the Musky. On a recent trip to the Kawartha Lakes we found the fish were hitting on the Swim Whizz with a slow rolling retrieve.  The fish would come up out of the weeds, follow the bait then take the strike. Musky's are known as 'The Fish of A Thousand Casts'. I'm glad it didn't take us that many casts to land some good fish.


Nottingham Style reel

Not sure of the origin of this reel. It appears to be a Peetz but may be British. Mahogany case and brass in good condition. A fine addition to any colection of vintage reels.


Great Lakes 8ft fly rod fibreglass

A superb old vintage fibreglass 2 piece 8ft fly rod made by Great Lakes. Casts well and looks good. A great rod for a person on a low budget or anyone who likes the feel of a 'glass rod.


Vintage Mitchell 300 w/box

A much sought after reel by both fishermen and collectors. A vintage Mitchell 300 reel with the original box. This reel is in as new condition and the box is extra good.


Sure Strike 7wt 9ft Fly Rod

A nice vintage fibreglass rod from Sure Strike. In good+ condition 9' long and 7wt. I have fished this rod and it cast great.



Unmarked 7 1/2" jointed Muskie lure

Possibly homemade it looks like a large jointed Pikie. It has seen usage but is in very good condition. This may be the lure you're looking for.


Unmarked Muskie Lure

This is unmarked and in great condition ready to catch that monster that has always eluded you.


Becks flies #1

Great find for the collector of vintage flies. This case of Beck's flies contains an assortment of 12 different flies in original plastic case. 

Refer to case #1.


Becks Flies #2

Do a lot of fishing for smaller trout or panfish. This assortment of Beck's flies will do the job. A dozen diferent flies.

 refer to case #2.


Becks flies No 3

Becks flies #3 Another fine assortment of Becks flies in an original case.

Refer to case #3


Becks flies # 4

Another fine assortment of Becks flies here.

refer to Case No 4


Becks flies No5

Another fine assortment of Becks flies here.

refer to Case No 5


Becks flies No6

Another fine assortment of Becks flies here.

refer to Case No 6


South Bend 1122 fly reel

A great fly reel for a great price. Good reel for a beginner or the younger fly fisherman. Sturdy construction from Southbend this model 1122 will fill the bill.


T J Harrington "Omnia"

Fo the collector of vintage British reels we have an early half bail Omnia from T J Harrington & son of London England. The construction is all cast aluminum and is in very good ++ condition.There is the expected discoloration (oxidation) but it will clean up with acid if desired.A hard to find reel from a reputable British firm.


Folk Art Muskie Lure

Just received from a local collector this folk art muskie lure/decoy. In as new condition.


Pfleuger Knobby

One of the nicer ones from Pfleuger. This Knobby is in good++ condition ready for display.


Holmes Fly Reel

Probably for 6-7wt line in good+ condition.

Mitchell 5090 Fly Rod 7-8wt Graphite

In nearly new condition this Mitchell 9'6" fly rod is forgiving for a person learning to cast and is strong enough to satisfy the experienced angler.





Off to a good start

My Grandkids at the Annual Kids Day Fishing Derby.