Antique Tools - Grandpa's Treasure Chest


Stanley 984 corner brace

A rare and very useful brace. This Stanley brace is designed to work in very tight spaces. In Good ++ condition and ready to show or use.

Millers-Falls hand drill?

I think this is a M-F works fine. Some paint loss. Good user. Small size is a bonus.

Stanley No624 hand drill

One of Mr.Staney's the No624 hand drill ready to work. Good working condition. Only blemish is loss of finish on wood surfaces. Spins freely and jaws are good.

Millers Falls No2500A hand drill

Just a nice little hand drill ready to go to work. Clean working condition.

Stanley Defiance? drill with bits

  A good working drill at a modest price. Not really pretty but a good worker.

Millers Falls Hand drill

In very good clean condition. Bench ready with low power consumption.
No77  I have 2 of these SOLD Thanks                                                                                                                      

Millers Falls Hand drill No303

Ready to work for you Clean and smooth.

Hand drill marked FM1955

Nice drill but not sure of the maker. By appearances it seems Millers Falls. Clean and ready to use.

Unmarked hand drill

No  name on this but a great way to save electrical costs in the shop. Works and looks great.

hand drill No Name

for boaters. The small size makes storage easy.

Spiralux ratcheting screwdrivers

I recently purchased a group of tools from an older gentleman. In his working days he was a salesman of novelties and hardware to stores, hardware suppliers and tradesmen. One of his lines was Spiralux Tools made by Hollands & Blair of Sheffield England. It appears that they made tools under licence from Stanley especially the Yankee line. These tools appear to be unused, one has the original box and some still have their price tags on them. I believe the firm is now defunct but the name lingers on. The company football team (soccer) has been brought back to life and plays in the English Premiere League.

   Spiralux No71 8" overall    $15.00

       Spiralux No577   12" overall  $19.00

      Spiralux No677   13" overall  (used)  $13.00 works great

   Spiralux No 877  12" overall $26.00/with box

     Spiralux No977  16"overall     $24.00

      Spiralux Ram 8" overall fixed blade   $17.00

Millers-Falls push drill No190

Attention  Millers Falls fans. Here is a very clean push drill  in great working condition.
$30.00 USD

Push Drill

A very usuable push drill with 3 bits. Bench ready.

Pair of expansion bits

Just a pair of nice vintage expansion bits. Both are marked. 1 is unreadable and the other Millers Falls
$15.00 the pair

North Brothers No 1431 hand drill

Here is one of the sweetest hand drills I've seen. This North Brothers No 1431 brace measures 9 1/2in in height. They were made for radio work but really fit nicely in a tool chest.
$33.00  SOLD Thanks

Millers Falls No12 Breast Drill

Here is a nice early No12 Breast Drill from Millers Falls in as found condition. The No12 has a built in level to guide you and 2 speeds. It is in good++ operating condition.


Rare Millers Falls Chain Auger

A rarely seen tool from Millers Falls this chain auger extending bit is in excellent condition. Any collector would welcome this piece.

$65.00   SOLD Thanks

Davis brace

This  is one of the most interesting braces I have ever found. I can't find a makers name but on the button behind the jaws there is a patent date of  and the turning handle appears to be made of bakelite. I was informed that this is a Davis Brace. Thanks to Tom from Pasadena Ca

 The company that was responsible for a line of bit braces was the Davis Tool & Level Company that was organized about  1875.  Davis braces are shown in Rosebrook's depictions of ads from 1889 and 1890, which show the Davis ratchet brace.  The brace is described as "Rose & Johnson Patent Brace," in those ads.  The brace below is an example of the same brace.


Yankee 131 A ratcheting screwdriver

As good as they come this Yankee 131 A has the return mechanism for 2 way action. The ratcheting mechanics are 100% it is extra clean with no apologies. There are  2 slot bits included. 


Unused Yankee 130A ratcheting screwdriver.

This is a newer version possibly the 1950-60's. The No130A is the spring activated model that returns to the start position automaticly. This has a hard plastic handle and includes 3 bits, slot, Phillips & Robertson.

North Bros Yankee No135A

Nice and compact  in size and very handy in the shop. Overall length closed 8 1/4" and opened 11 1/2" works great reversible and self return.

North Bros No135A

Nice and compact  in size and very handy in the shop. Overall length closed 8 1/4" and opened 11 1/2" works great reversible and self return.

North Brothers push drill

A nice tool with 2 bits included. This North Brothers No 44 is almost 100 years old. Good user or showpiece.


Goodell-Pratt Push Drill

A very early push drill from Goodell-Pratt of Greenfield Mass. In very clean condition but alas no bits.


North Bros. Yankee No 35 push drill

One of the handiest tools in the shop is a small vintage ratcheting screwdriver. So handy for tight spaces and lighter than it's modern rechargable replacement and never needs recharging. In good++ condition, works well just needs a bit of refinish work on the knob.


North Brothers No 31A

I have for sale a great North Bros No31A ratcheting screwdriver in very good+++ condition. They seldom show up in anywhere near this condition. It has one slot bit with it. Closed it is 18 1/2" in length and opened for the ratchet it is 26 1/2"


North Brothers No 31A

One of the handiest tools in the shop is a ratcheting screwdriver. Much faster than a turnscrew and saver on energy costs. This item can pay foe itself. Good overall condition and works well. Some loss to finish on handle.