Antique Tools - Grandpa's Treasure Chest


Stanley No9 1\2 block

I have a pair of Stanley No 9 1\2 block plane with the adjustable mouth. Minor problems which I will discuss if interested. Offered at a great price.
$38.00 choice

Stanley No75 Bullnose Rabbet

A handy little block plane here. In good condition and over 100 years old.

Stanley 2 tone block plane

I recently bought a collection of planes and among them were these. Made between 1941-43 The 2 Tone was a budget line. They are easy to spot because of the paint job. The yellow & blue areStanley hallmark colors. The planes have had little or no usage.
$40.00 per

Stanley 4 square block plane

Back in the 1920's Stanley introduced a line of tools named 4 square. They were aimed at the home owner. There is a debate as to their quality some say they are as good as Bailey's and others disagree, you may decide for yourself. This could be a user or a cherished piece for the collector.

Stanley No9 1/4

Just a nice clean Stanley No9 1/4  block plane. Great apron plane to knock of sharp corners or dress an edge.

Stanley 9 1/4 block plane

A handy sized block plane by Stanley. The blade has been swapped out and replace with a Union Tools blade.The blade is bedded at 20* for smooth cuts on end grain. Ready to work.

Stanley 220 block plane

A handy performer for the shop. This Stanley 220 is clean and shop ready. It has been re-painted.  Good sharp blade. I forgot the knob when I took the picture.


Sargent No305 Block

A rarely found Sargent No305 block plane. The plane is 6"long and is Sargents answer to a Stanley No9 1/2 Type 3. Plane is in good++ condition.

Union 106 block

A handy little plane from Union. Ready to use and it fits a pocket geat.

Interesting Corrugated Block plane

An unmarked corrugated bottom block plane. This plane has no adjustment it is hand set and the lever cap locks the blade.



Woden No130 double end block plane

This is Wodens version of Stanleys 130 double end block plane.It has some problems, it has been dropped and repaired. The repair is strong and true and the plane works well but is not pleasing to look at.




Wood shaves

Always a favorite the traditional wood spoke shave is one of the earliest edge tools. These are numbered 1-6 top to bottom. 
$22.00 each your choice

Stanley 51 shave

Stanley's most wanted the No51 is a work horse.
$24.00 ea.

Vintage Stanley R&L double shave

A vintage No60 in reasonable condition.

J Canelo "Boston" folding handle draw knife

Need a great drawknife. This is the finest folding handled drawknife I have ever found. A pleasure to use or just admire. Sharp amd looks brand new. Marked   J Conelo "Boston"