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Tool Makers History

On this page I will try to provide information that I have found useful on the internet. I would like to thank the people who have done this research and have left links to Authors and Organizations where available. If you're a collector or even a casual user it's always interesting to know who and where.

It may be necessary to cut & paste some of the links.

Many thanks to:

 Emil & Martyl Pollak for their fine books  American Plane Makers

Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes In America   Roger K Smith

British Planemakers by W L Goodman

Davistown Museum

Tool Group of Canada


WK Fine Tools

List of British chisel makers and logos. In German but Google translates it.

Swedish Chisels History & Makers    Thanks to Glen Cross

identify a tool by patent number

Addis Chisels

How to identify a planes' maker

Date your Stanley Plane flowchart

Stanley planes by type identifying

Stanley Tool Works... Stanley is a tough one to get info on.    A wealth of knowledge  Patrick Leech Blood & Gore

History of Stanley tools

Stanley (Canada) Roxton Pond PQ

Auburn Tool Co.

John Bell   John Bell was a prolific Philadelphia plane maker with a working career from 1829 to 1851. Bibighaus was the brother-in-law to John Bell. He was a prolific planemaker as early as 1840.

D.R. Barton

Carter E.  C. & E.C.   All related business through family.

  • Awards at the thirty-third annual exhibition of the New York Agricultural Society, Albany, NY, October 1873: Edward Carter, Troy, N. Y.: boring machine: Bronze Medal.
  • From The city of Troy and Its Vicinity, by Arthur James Weise, 1886, has the following writeup:

    EDWARD CARTER, manufacturer of carpenters' planes, mechanics' tools, wood mouldings, and ornamental work, Nos. 22 to 40 Spring Avenue; salesroom, No. 203 River Street.

    The manufacture of planes and tools was begun in Troy in 1828, by Simeon Rowell, at No. 38 Ferry Street. His successors were Charles S. Rowell, rear No. 52 Congress Street, 1832; Jared West, 1832; Richard Carter, March, 1833; R. & L. Carter, No. 11 Ferry Street, 1835; E. & C. Carter (Edward and Charles), No. 11 Ferry Street, 1847; Edward Carter, No. 11 River Street, 1854; E. & C. Carter (Edward and Cyrus), No. 249 River Street, 1862; Edward Carter, No. 249 River Street, 1865.

    Besides manufacturing tools, moulding, stair rails, Edward Carter executes, on orders, circular and scroll sawing, planing and turning. His sales of tools is extensive, not only in the United States, but in the West Indies, South America, Australia, and the Sandwich Islands.

    Casey & Co     see Auburn Tool Co.

    Everything you needed to know about antique woodworking planes


  • Chaplins Planes

  • Chaplin's Patented Hand Planes.htm

  • Union  Tools  Thanks to Walt at Brass City Records check him out

  • Marples


  • H Wells Williamsburg Mass. circa 1865

    Ohio Tool Co.

    Millers Falls Tool Co.  Another invaluable resource

  • Norris planes


  • Wm. Steers planemaker


  • Ibbotson Tool Works Sheffield


  • Spiers Planes


    Edward Preston


    Record planes

  • Josiah Fowler

  • For info on other American, British or Canadian makers email me and I may be able to help.

    Saws Logos & pictures from most American makers

    Machinist Tool Makers

    American Toolmakers files  & Athol Tool Co.

    Norris Plane Catalog

    Canadian Toolmakers directory

    Saw Restoration

    How were saw medallions made?

    Chapins & Chapins-Stevens

    E. A. Berg Edge tools history

  • copy & paste this link
    Yankee (North Bros.) screwdrivers

  • J T Slocum Machinist Tools

  • copy & paste the following link


  • Welland Vale Manufacturing


  • Simonds Canada history


  • ETF tools


  • Stanley Combination Planes instructions
  • Stanley Combination Planes

  • All about saw sharpening


    .   Marshall-Wells Hardware

    Beaver Power Tools

  • Perfect Handle chisel

  • Galt Tool Works


  • Saw Logos  saw logos

  • If you are looking for info please email me and I will try to find and link to it or send me a link if you want to share some info.

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