Antique Tools - Grandpa's Treasure Chest


Stanley No66 1/2 rule


Rabone 1176 rule


Stanley Bell Systems Rule

A great addition to any Bell Systems collector.
$30.00 with free shipping.

A great set of trammels

A great set of trammels for sale here. In great condition and ready to work for you.

Starrett 12nch outside caliper

A great tool for bowl turners. This 12in is in very good condition.

Rabone 1173 rule

A Rabone No1173 4 fold rule in good condition.

Rabone 1167 "Blindman's rule

I have a pair of Rabone No1167 rules. They are  blindmans rules because the numbers are extra large. Both in good readable condition.
$25.00 each

A. Hertner 4 fold 24inch rule

We have here a vintage .English 4 fold 24 inch Beech rule. It is marked A. Hertner maker Birmingham and also sold by Sommers and sons Kingston. I can't find any info on the maker but believe he my have sold out to Preston.

Vintage Lufkin 1ft 3 fold advertising rule

A very rare rule for the collection. This vintage Lufkin metal rule is engraved "Established 1797 Norwich Union Fire Office Losses Paid $77,500,000 The rule is in good uncleaned condition. All joints are tight and rule is straight.There is a leather bound sheath for the rule but it has suffered and is torn.



Rabone 1176 2ft 4 fold Rule

A nice little 2ft. 4 fold rule for the apron pocket. In good++ condition.


Lufkin 4ft Wallpapers Rule

A handy user for the workshop. Use as a straight edge or just a long measuring device. Brass end caps and all lettering visible. Some paint splatter. I guess he also did house painting.


Lufkin Zig-Zag rule

Here isa good clean Lufkin Zig-Zag in geat condition. Length is 6ft and markings are flawless.