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Woodworking Books



The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking  James Krenov

$16.00              Excellent  SOLD

A Cabinetmakers Notebook      James Krenov

$10.00              Spine is ragged   SOLD

New Yankee Workshop          Norm Abram                                                                                      

$14.00               Excellent         SOLD

Mostly Shaker                         Morm Abram

$14.00              Excellent        SOLD


American Furniture                  Warmans

$22.00                Excellent


Country Pine Furniture            Swedberg                                                                            

$10.00               Very Good


Colonial Furniture making       Shea                                                                                       

$18.00              Very Good


Furniture Restoration              Salazar                                                                             

$18.00               Excellent


Bookcases,cabinets,shelves   Grolliers                                                                                                 

 $5.00                Excellent


Bandsaw Handbook                Duginske                                                                               

$22.00              Excellent


Use & Care of Handtools       Bridgewater                                                                            

 $18.00             Excellent


Decristoforos’ power tools                                                                                                                                                               

 $10.00             Very Good


The Complete home improvement manual                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gallery Books

$17.00                Excellent


Das Tischler buch                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Written in German c.Bertelsmann-verlag  bermpohl-winmelmann

$20.00           Excellent


                                                         Fishing Books

Anglers Bible

$10.00          Very good


Trout fishermans digest

David Richey

$10.00 Very Good


Fishing Annual 1978

Sports Afield



General Knowledge

General Interest

The Building Trades Handbook Int’l Textbook $15.00

Published 1899 covers all trades Good Condition


Uniform Code of Operating Rules Canada Transport 17.00

1962 revision operating rules for trainmen Good+


Brown & Sharp Machinery & tools B&s 15.00

Catalogue and descriptions of companies products good+


How to run a Lathe J L Osgood mach. 15.00

1924 edition from Southbend lathe works cover detached



Practical Uses of the Steel Square by  Fred Hodgson

Part 1 of 2 theory and uses of a square Good++

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  • ".Hi Larry, The tools arrived last night in good order. I like the chisels - some of them are actually fairly sharp. Will make a good set of users or just collectors All-in-..."
    Satisfied customer
  • "Received the soldering iron today, Monday, Nov.3. Item better that expected. Thank you. I you get any more unique soldering irons, let me know. "
    new customer

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